11 Best Android Free App to Hide Your Videos (2019)

Increasing use of the Internet poses the biggest threat to privacy. Every mobile user is always worried about privacy. You can watch private videos of people leaked on social media and other platforms.

We all capture some of your private moments on your mobile that we do not want to share with other people. At this time many Android mobile brands provide their own features for hiding files, photos, videos and more.

However, your phone may accidentally fall victim to someone else's hand, or you may be unaware of that friend's true intentions.  Well, if you're an Android user, you don't need to worry, as there are many great apps for hiding videos on Android. Well,  I have made a list of the 11 best video hider apps on Android.

Best Android app to Hide Your Videos(2019) 

NOTE: I tried all of these privacy-focused Video-hiding apps on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, running on Android 9.0 Pie custom ROM and they all worked pretty well.

1. Keepsafe Photo Vault: Hide Private Photos & Videos

Keepsafe is a best and very popular Hider App available on the Google play store. This app helps you to protect your personal important data. (Photos, Videos, Files, etc..) Over the 50 million downloads from the Google play store with 1 million reviews(4.6★ out of 5). Now you can guess how popular this application is. The app has received many updates over the years, making it all cleaner and easier to use.

It provides you with simple PIN, Pattern and Fingerprint authentication, and Military-grade encryption options to Hide your Videos. If you open this Hider App you can see the Keepsafe provides you clutter-free and category wise folder grid. You can jump to any of these folders to add and protect your private photos, videos or personal IDs. You can create your own new folders, share them with other KeepSafe users, and back up all your files to their private cloud space.

Features of KeepSafe Video Hide App

  • Everything behind the lock - your videos are protected by a PIN, pattern, or your fingerprint.
  • Your encrypted private cloud securely syncs your photos, albums and videos to all your devices.
  • Backup videos for easy recovery - don't be afraid if your phone is lost, stolen or damaged
  • Send secure photos Sharing - Share private photos with a secure network. Control how long the recipient sees your photo. 
  • For Example: After 30 seconds disappear receiving video.
  • Create and share private albums with others.
  • Advance feature of KeepSafe- It doesn't show up your recently used apps list.
  • Album Lock- Assign personal PIN code to access certain albums
  • Break-in Alerts- Take photos of intruders and track break-in attempts doing by the other.
  •  Fake PIN- Makes a KeepSafe with a different PIN code.

This App is free, but it contains Ads and in-app purchase start at $0.99. 

Download this app from Google Play Store(Link

2. Hide Pictures & Videos – Vaulty

Vaulty is another well-known Hider app. You can easily get it from the Google Play store. This App is almost Six years old, but the developers of this app have tried their best to make the application more advanced and secure. In these six years, 10 million-plus users download this App from Google Play store and gave it 365k reviews with 4.6★ out of 5.

And the best thing about this app is that it uses less storage on Android Mobile (8.0 MB). The feature of Vaulty App is that it captures the "mugshots" of intruders who try to access your hide files but fail to enter the correct password.  When you unlock the Vault app, you'll know immediately who tried to interfere with your private space.  This feature is available for free to all users, which is a definite plus point for this App.

In Vault App you can get an interesting feature, using this feature you can create multiple vaults with a different password for each one. In multiple vaults, you can hide your videos or photos separately. However, if you want to back up your files in the cloud or remove ads from the application, you have to upgrade to the premier subscription. (Cost for premier subscription is $9.99 per month)

Features of Vaulty Video Hide App

  • Image & Video Hiding- Hide any Images and Videos inside of the Vaulty App.
  • Password Protection- You can hide Videos and Images using PIN or Password.
  • Free, Automatic and Online Backup- Save your all Hidden data without any cost and even if your phone is stolen, lost or broken.
  • Multiple Vaults- Make different vaults to show different people.
  • Mugshot- Capture a pic of anyone who enters the wrong password in Vaulty App protected files.
Download this app from Google Play Store(Link)
3. Vault: Hide Pics & Videos, App Lock, Free Backup

As its name implies, Vault: Hide pics &  videos, App Lock, Free Backup is a one-stop solution for all your needs to Lock and hide content on your device. You can hide all your photos, videos, call logs, contact list, and SMS using this App which name is Vault. Recently this app crosses more than 100 million users worldwide. Users of this app gave  1 million reviews with 4.5★ out of 5 and the size of this app is small(10 MB).

The app uses your email id to reset the password. it creates a secure backup for your data and helps you hide the app using stealth mode. Vault app also protects your Private Bookmark, Incognito Browser data, Cloud Backup and many other features for free.

Features of Vault Video Hide App
  • Protect your videos-  Hidden videos can only be viewed or played after entering the correct password.
  • App Lock- Using this feature you can Lock your all installed apps on your device.
  • Transfer Data- Using Cloud Backup feature, you can transfer your data to a new device.
  • Easy Password recovery- Set a security Email in Vault app so you can recover your password through the Email.
  • Private Browser- With a private browser, your internet surf will not leave any mark behind.  There is also a private bookmark feature in this app.
  • Stealth Mode- This is an interesting mode using this you cam disappear the Vault app icon from your home screen and it can only be found again with the correct password, so no one knows it exists in your android mobile.
This app is free, but if you want to purchase additional features starting at $0.99, this app also offers some additional features.

Download this app from Google Play Store(Link)
4. Andrognito- Hide Files, Photos, Videos

Andrognito uses military-grade encryption technology to lock files with multiple levels of protection and provides one of the fastest encryption speeds.  Abdrognito is useful for storing your files in your private cloud and freeing up your device's space. This application has over 100k active users worldwide.

It helps to hide and protect all your personal data, your personal photos, videos and files.  The app has been trusted for over 2 years as a smart way to stay safe on Android.

Features of Andrognito Hide App
  • Vault Spoofing- Apart from the actual files of the original vault, Fake vault creates a fake vault to deceive intruders into viewing some fake files.
  • Timely PIN- Use auto-changing dynamic PINs that make it difficult for anyone to enter your vault, depending on the date, and time.
  • Custom Themes-  Don't get bored with the same look.  Customize the app to change its look and feel and make it your own.
  • Fake Force Close- Forces the app to crash during unlocking for intruders to make sure the application is not currently working.
  • End-to-End encryption- This feature ensures all your data is completely safe and no one except you can read your data.
In-app purchase start at $0.99

Download this app from Google Play Store(Link)
5. F-Stop Gallery

F-Stop Gallery is one of the best-looking UI videos and images Hider and Gallery app available on Google play store. Design UI of this app based on grid view, you can easily see in the above image. If you bored with your stock Gallery app, then definitely go for this app. This app is lightweight and fast, which is capable to open your videos and images. 

The F-Stop is an optional image gallery that provides you with professional tools and a clean, content design interface that makes it easy to organize your images and videos. More than 1 million
this app was downloaded with 14K + reviews (4.5 ★ out of 5) from Google play store. The app has two such features, which enable you to exclude folders with your images or videos by adding a .nomedia file from the Gallery app. And you can protect single media files just by password protection.

Features of F-Stop Gallery App
  • Slideshow mode- A slideshow with popular transition types
  • Hide images and videos-  You can hide images and videos from other apps with password protection
  • Share and edit- You can share and edit videos and images with popular apps like Snapcade, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and more.
  • GIF- Easily run animated GIFs.
  • Smart album- Smart Albums allow you to set up simple rules like “Tags with the word Friends” or “Give the rating of videos or images” and then updates automatically as your library grows more and more.

This application also has a Pro Version, but for the Pro version, you have to give it a $4.99

Download this app from Google Play Store(Link)
6. LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault: Hide Photos & Videos

On the whole, this was my favourite choice to protect your images and videos against the mass crowd. Known as LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault, this appropriately named application is designed to provide a secure photo and videos vault to protect all your media files. It is backed by the military-grade AES encryption standard, linking your files to pins or patterns. This is a very small app(6.5 MB) downloads more than 1 million with 40K + reviews (4.6 ★ out of 5) from the Google play store.

The LockMyPix is ​popular secure gallery vault by Fourthurs that protects all your personal media(images, videos, etc) in one place. LockMyPix brings up a fake vault that opens Decoy Vault where you can place other images and videos. No one will know that you have another image and video locker to store your sensitive files. This app also brings an Intruder Selfie(Mugshot) feature that captures photos of invaders who try to open your vault by entering an incorrect password. Like the KeepSecret app, this tool also comes with the ability to make it completely invisible.

The only drawback of this application is that you cannot back up private images and videos to the cloud storage. The app provides features you to unlock the app using your fingerprint, shack the device to lock the vault and hide the app from the app drawer.

Features of LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault App

  • Custom Album Covers- Choose any images for the cover of the album.
  • Sub-album-  Create unlimited albums and sub-albums.
  • SD-Card support- You can use the sd-card to store your private images and videos vault.
  • High-level protection-  True military-grade AES CTR encryption for the protection.
  • Custom Themes- Choose custom themes
You can upgrade this app to the Pro version at $1.99

Download this app from Google Play Store(Link

7. Private Zone- AppLock, Videos & Photo Vault

Private Zone is a simple and effective app for hiding images, videos, and apps with lots of features. This app is definitely useful for protecting your private photos, videos, or apps, but also brings a variety of features to privacy-savvy people.

Although the private zone is full of many cool features, it is at the expense of your peace of mind.  The app is full of ads, which can be frustrating for users.  But, it can be avoided by choosing a premium subscription for the application. (in-app purchase start at $0.99)

I think this is the most downloaded Hider app from the Google play store because more than 100 million times this app is downloaded with 1 million-plus review (4.3 ★ out of 5). So, I highly recommend this app for hiding your videos.

Features of Private Zone app

  • App Lock- If you use app lock, then no one can(except you) find those apps from your app drawer.
  • Fingerprint- Lock and Unlock your videos, apps, images with a fingerprint sensor.
  • Customizable lock- Lock different apps under different circumstances
  • Restriction in apps-  Prevent children from playing the game, using apps or buying unwanted items.
  • Lock screen- This app also provides Lock screen feature, It support PINs, Passwords and Fingerprint for securing your phone from intruders. It also comes with different themes or covers to customize the lock screen. 
  • Cloud Backup- You can take a backup from your cloud storage like Google drive.
  • Junk Cleaner- Private zones help free up your storage space by removing junk, residual, and cache files that slow down your phone.
  • Cloned app- I think you are familiar with the clone app feature, using this you can run multiple accounts in a single app.
  • Free VPN- Private Zone app provides you a Free VPN for freely surf any web data.
  • Break-in Alert- Capture a snapshot(Selfie/pic) of anyone who tries to unlock apps behind you.
Download this app from Google Play Store(Link)

8. Gallery Vault – Hide Pictures And Videos

By the name of this app, you can clearly know that this app is able to hide every item in your gallery. Gallery Vault is a fantastic privacy protection application for easily hiding and encrypting your photos, videos and any other files you don't want others to see.

Vault has a simple and elegant interface, giving you access to all your hidden photos or videos in a moment.  It supports all the popular features you'll find in any of the deck-out privacy protection apps.  This means you get to shake to lock, break-in alerts, hide files in SD cards, fingerprint authentication, stealth mode, fake login, and more.

This is an also very popular Hider app in the Google play store with more than 10 million downloads and 450K reviews(4.5 ★ out of 5).

Features of the Gallery Vault app

  • Fake Content- This app supports fake password and show fake content when you or intruder input a wrong password.
  • Fingerprint- All data in this app is secure with the fingerprint authentication.
  • Hiding icon- You can hide the icon of Gallery vault app from the app drawer. So, no one knows the existence of this app except you.
  • Private Web browser- Gallery Vault integrated with a private web browser and support downloading all photos and videos in a web page with just one click.

Download this app from Google Play Store(Link

9. Hide Something

Hide Something is very easy to use hider app available in the Google play store for Android devices with more than 5 million installs and 250K plus reviews(4.6 ★ out of 5). Why I said easy to use? because If you want to hide any file, you have to go to the Particular Hider( apps I mentioned here )app and hide that file manually.

But Hide Something app is different hider app from all other hider apps I mentioned here. To hide images, videos and any files, you need to share them with this app and you see that all the sharing files are hidden in the Hide Something app.

If you use Hide Something app, You can easily share your photos and videos, share your mobiles with others, and not worry about your privacy.

Features of the Hide Something app

  • Direct Hide- Directly hide files from the third-party apps by using share with this app.
  • Backup- Take a backup of your images, videos and files from the Google Drive.
  • All file supported- Images, videos, Google photos, etc all of those files are supported by this app and also support GIF.

Download this app from Google Play Store(Link

10. Piktures – Photo Album Gallery

This is the another Gallery app, Which I mentioned here. Piktures app is getting more than 1 million installs from the Google play store with 41K plus reviews(4.3 ★ out of 5). Piktures app comes with tons of features and beautiful theme. This app is capable to view and hide your images, videos and GIFs.

Access all your cloud drive photos and videos. This app supports Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive cloud storage. You can improve your photos with the built-in editor and it comes with the Piktures hider app. Store private photos on your secret drive with PINs, Password and Fingerprint. one of the best features of this app explores your past photos via calendar view. Piktures app helps you resize photos before sharing it on WhatsApp, Email, Instagram, Facebook and more.

Features of the Piktures app

  • Video player- Play videos using Piktures gallery app and it supports all types of videos files.
  • Photo Editor- Improve your photos with in-built editor.
  • GIF player and maker- It also supports GIF files and easily run on it player and you can also make a GIF using this app.
  • Supports for multiple camera apps- You can launch the native camera as well as any of your camera apps from Piktures app.
  • Secret Drive- Hide your most private photos behind the encrypted secret drive that only you can access with the PIN code or with your fingerprint.
  • Beam on TV- By supporting Chromecast, you can beam your photos and videos on your TV.
  • QR scanner- Pictures come with a super convenient QR code scanner with its own dedicated folder to retrieve your previously scanned QR codes.

You can upgrade to Premium version of Piktures app for $5.99

Download this app from Google Play Store(Link)

11. Clock- The Vault: Secret Photo, Video Locker

The clock is a great privacy protection application to protect and easily hide your private photos, videos and any other files you don't want others to see on your device. Recently it crosses 5 million installs with 35K plus reviews from the Google play store. (4.5 ★ out of 5).

This is a must-have app to protect your privacy by hiding every media files using a password. You can easily manage gallery folders or albums, and view, move, and export photos and videos. This app has an option for hiding this app from recent apps list of your Android device and Time Lock is another option, which protects your apps from being uninstalled by the kids or strangers.

If you forget your Passcode after hiding your private files in the Clock app, don't worry you can set a backup passcode for your app lock. you can also hide files directly from the Gallery by using Share option.

Features of the Clock app

  • Hide Images & Videos- Easily hide images and videos to Clock vault from your gallery with private photo locker.
  • App Lock- Using this feature, you can lock your apps and also lock WiFi, Bluetooth and Recent tasks.
  • Fingerprint- Use fingerprint for Lock and Unlock your files.
  • Beautiful Design- You get smooth and elegant user experience in this app.

Download this app from Google Play Store(Link)

Keep Your Privacy Safe With The Best Apps To Hide Your Photos

Many video hide apps available, you can definitely keep your private content safe on your device, if you can use the specified apps to hide videos without any kind of confusion or privacy concern. 

I missed any other useful video hider app that has been placed in this list? Mention them in the comment section below. If you think this article helpful for you, please share this article with your friends and family. Thanks For Sharing
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