New Color Variant Available For Redmi Note 7 pro & 7S

redmi note 7 pro& 7s astro white color

Xiaomi has now(6 Aug) introduced the Redmi Note 7S and Redmi Note 7 Pro Astro White color variants in India.  The new color option was launched in China last month under a different name, and now it has arrived in India as well.  Xiaomi has released a video teaser in which everything looks white, and immediately announces the Astro White color model for its Redmi Note 7 series.  Astro White Color Model is similar to the mirror flower watercolor model launched in China last month.

This is Officially conformed by the MD of Xiaomi India Manu Kumar Jain.

Xiaomi's Redmi India handle announced the arrival of the Redmi Note 7S and Redmi Note 7 Pro's Astro White color variants on Twitter.  Just before the announcement, Xiaomi released a video teaser featuring astronauts in space, snow covered pine trees, white hair, white underwater woman, white owl, cricketer who caught his white gown, a man skiing on snow-capped mountains and snow,  A white cat wearing colored shades - all the things in video teaser are directly hinting at the imminent white color variant launch.
Soon, Xiaomi announced that the Redmi Note 7S and Redmi Note 7 Pro will be available in both Astro White options on Flipkart and  Pre-orders for this new model are available now on Flipkart and

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We all know the specifications of these two mobiles. Redmi note 7 pro Create hype with it's 48 MP back camera  sensor.

In China, Xiaomi launched Redmi Note 7 with 48 MP camera with a price tag around 10,000 Indian currency, but Xiaomi launched Redmi Note 7 in India with 12 MP camera with price tag 9,999 Indian currency.

Mi Indian fans were not happy with this launch.  This directly affected the sales of Redmi Note 7.  Where on the other hand Redmi Note 7 pro was getting so much support from the Indian Mi Fans.

As you guys know, whenever Xiaomi's new mobile launches, it sells by flash sales, but this time Redmi note 7 sales 24*7 open on and Flipkart. Xiaomi understand it's a mistake and It decides to discontinue Redmi note 7.

Instead of Redmi note 7 Xiaomi launch the Chinese version of Redmi note 7 in India as a Redmi note 7S with #48MPForEveryone.

The same problem right now with Redmi K20's price in India. Many rumours say Xiaomi decrease price of Redmi K20, but this rumours. See what happens in future with Redmi K20. What you think about the price of Redmi K20? Tell me in comments. 
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